Table Potato

Table potato
Table potato

Potatoes are a perennial tuberous herb from the Solanaceae family. Potato tubers are an important food product. The homeland of potatoes is South America, where you can still find wild-growing potatoes. Potato proteins contain almost all amino acids found in plants, including essential ones. If you eat the daily norm of boiled potatoes - 300 grams per day - then you fully provide your body in carbohydrates, potassium and phosphorus. 100 grams of young potato tubers contain up to 20 mg of vitamin C. Young potatoes are rich in ascorbic acid, one hundred grams of young potatoes contain approximately 20 mg of ascorbic acid, which is one third of the body's daily requirement for this element.

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«Agrofirma «KRiMM» was organized in 1999 on the base of «Niva» farm existing since 1988. Currently Agricultural company - one of the largest holdings in Russia for seed potato and vegetables producing with a total cultivated area more than ​​26 000 hectares. The specialization and concentration principles, scientific - technical progress implementation , economic competitiveness and quality of the products are in the very foundation of the company. Agricultural company efficiently uses the best selection achievements, applies the most advanced technologies in seed production and vegetable growing, the latest models of specialized machinery and equipment. There was created the powerful and modern technical base for growing, storaging and selling seed/ware potato, vegetables and cereals. Harvesting more than 180 thousand tons of gross production was achieved even in difficult years due to the irrigation area of ​​2500 hectares. We pay great attention to constant increase ware capacities, improve working conditions and the quality of customers service. Due to the chosen strategy, the hard work of our team, huge invest policy «Agrofirma «KRiMM» achieved the world level in leading the plant-growing and surely provided the growing demands for its partners.