Boiled peeled red beets

Boiled peeled red beets
Boiled peeled red beets

The red beets contain almost the entire set of useful, fortified and mineral substances. Beets do not lose their unique qualities during heat treatment, therefore, when the question arises: which beets are healthier - raw or boiled? - the answer is simple: beets are useful in any form. So what is included in it?
Minerals - iodine, manganese, iron, phosphorus, cesium, sulfur, potassium. A rich set of mineral components helps the body to cope with various ailments. Beetroot is an excellent prophylaxis against cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the skeletal system. Folic acid is an irreplaceable source of beneficial molecules that are essential for proper blood formation.
Amino acids - help the body fight early aging and help cleanse the internal organs of various toxins and harmful substances. 
The antioxidants in boiled beets take care of the body, they actively resist the attack of microbes and harmful microorganisms. Antioxidants effectively promote skin cell rejuvenation.

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Processing plant

The potato processing plant of Agrofirma «KRiMM» is a unique project that has no analogues in Russian Federation. There will be produced 15 000 tones of the processed potato annually from specially selected potato varieties with excellent taste quality which are used both for production needs and in retail, both in HoReCa and B2B sectors.

Pasteurized «Half-Cooked» potato with natural additives (with 90 days shelf-life), as well as fresh peeled «Fresh Cut» potato (with 9 days shelf-life), are innovative products for the Russian market. The plant is equipped with high-technique production line of Dutch company «KIREMKO» which is well-known leader in the producing machines and technologies for potatoes and vegetables processing. The maximum capacity of the plant is processing over 30 000 tones of raw potato per year.