About us


«Agrofirma «KRiMM» was organized in 1999 on the base of «Niva» farm established in 1988. Today  our company is one of the largest holdings in Russia supplying seed potato and vegetables, having its overall  cultivated area more than 26 000 hectares.  The specialization and concentration principles, scientific - technical progress implementation , economic competitiveness and quality of the products are in the very foundation of the company.  Our company efficiently uses the best selection achievements, applies the most advanced technologies in seed production and vegetable growing, the latest models of specialized machinery and equipment. There was created the powerful and modern technical base for growing, storaging and selling seed/ware potato, vegetables and cereals. Harvesting more than 180 thousand tons of gross production was achieved even in difficult years due to the irrigation area of 2500 hectares. We pay great attention to constant increasing of ware capacities, improvement of working conditions and the quality of our customers service. Due to the chosen strategy, the hard work of our team, huge invest policy «Agrofirma «KRiMM» achieved the world level in leading the plant-growing we can accomodate the growing demands of our  partners.


The part of «Agrofirma «KRiMM» isolated as a special structural unit - Laboratory «SoKar» (seed potato) which ought to improve health, does multiplication and diagnostics of seed potato. Agrofirma operates with potatoes on the expanded scheme, including the original, elite and reproductional seeds. Laboratory`s main goal - growing base seed material. «Agrofirma «KRiMM» cooperates with both domestic and foreign seed breeders that provide the usage of their own varieties under license agreements: «Lorh» institute, companies «Solana», «Norika», «Europlant», «HZPC». The main grown varieties at our fields are – «Rosara», «Zekura», «Karatop», «Gala», «Innovator», «Impala», «Bellarosa», «Rosalind», «Udacha». There are more than 20 varieties in lab`s collection. «KRiMM-SoKar» consists of: seed potato producing department, potato disease and pests research department, reproduction of the original material department, diagnostics of viruses and bacterial diseases department, greenhouses for the cultivation of a mini-tubers equipped with all necessary equipment. The area under seed potato is more than 800 ha, when the average yield is 30 t/ha. On laboratory base are held experimental seminars for specialists of all plant-growing branches with the assistance of scientists and experts from foreign farms.


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