• The potato processing plant -

    is a unique project that has no analogues in Russian Federation. There will be produced 15 000 tones of the processed potato annually from specially selected potato varieties with excellent taste quality which are used both for production needs and in retail, both in HoReCa and B2B sectors.

    Pasteurized «Half-Cooked» potato with natural additives (with 90 days shelf-life), as well as fresh peeled «Fresh Cut» potato (with 9 days shelf-life), are innovative products for the Russian market. The plant is equipped with high-technique production line of Dutch company «KIREMKO» which is well-known leader in the producing machines and technologies for potatoes and vegetables processing. The maximum capacity of the plant is processing over 30 000 tones of raw potato per year.

  • About us

    «Agrofirma «KRiMM» was organized in 1999 on the base of «Niva» farm existing since 1988. Currently Agricultural company - one of the largest holdings in Russia for seed potato and vegetables producing with a total cultivated area more than 26 000 hectares. The specialization and concentration principles, scientific - technical progress implementation , economic competitiveness and quality of the products are in the very foundation of the company. Agricultural company efficiently uses the best selection achievements, applies the most advanced technologies in seed production and vegetable growing, the latest models of specialized machinery and equipment.

    There was created the powerful and modern technical base for growing, storaging and selling seed/ware potato, vegetables and cereals. Harvesting more than 180 thousand tons of gross production was achieved even in difficult years due to the irrigation area of 2500 hectares. We pay great attention to constant increase ware capacities, improve working conditions and the quality of customers service. Due to the chosen strategy, the hard work of our team, huge invest policy «Agrofirma «KRiMM» achieved the world level in leading the plant-growing and surely provided the growing demands for its partners.

  • Our mission:

    Continuous improvement of product quality!

Our products

The timely connection the biggest seed breeders to work with selectionists solves the problems of implementing new, perspective, domestic potato varieties, makes effective and realistic «import substitution». Since 2004 the cooperating joint work on the development of new potato varieties between FGBNU «Ural Research Institute for Agriculture» and «Agrofirma «KRiMM» is keeping. The main stage of introduction into production the new variety takes the seed farm, where breeding material passes from the step of cutting out meristem till «E» class. The result of teamwork - six new varieties: «Amur», «Bravo», «Lux», «Start», «Mishka» and «Terra».